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Greinplast WLW


A varnish stain is intended to protect and decorate wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors in wood use class (PN-EN 335:2013-07) I, II and III. The use of a specially selected binder ensures a durable and flexible coating that will not crack or peel. The special formula makes it easy to apply and achieve a beautiful decorative effect. The painted surface has an elegant satin finish. The use of carefully selected, modern pigments gives the wood a durable colour while maintaining the transparency of the product emphasising the natural grain shape and beauty of the painted wood. The product has a mild, non-irritating fragrance; does not contain harmful or chemically aggressive substances.

The Greinplast WLW varnish stain is especially recommended for the protection of garden architecture elements (tool sheds, garden houses, summer houses, fences, gates, balustrades, garden furniture, verandas, pergolas, soffits) and other elements of wooden architecture made of smooth, planed wood. It can be used for both first time painting and refinishing. The varnish stain protects the painted surface against weather conditions and water penetration. The formed coating is resistant to fungal growth.

Unit packaging: 0.8 l, 2.4 l


Mix the product well before use and check the colour before painting the actual surface. Wood protected with “Bioactive wood priming impregnating agent” should be covered with two or three layers of the product, depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the colour. A minimum of two coats is required to ensure good wood protection. Wait at least 4 h before applying further coats of the product. In order to ensure good adhesion before the first coat and to improve the quality of the painted surface, it is recommended to perform intermediate sanding between successive coats. Each subsequent layer increases the gloss and intensity of the colour and decreases the transparency and visibility of the grain pattern. The product should be applied with a brush along the wood grain. The final effect of painting depends on many factors, i.e. the type of wood, the quality and species of wood, machining method, the number of layers applied and the colour of the primer. It is recommended to use artificial or mixed bristle brushes to obtain a good visual effect of painting and painting comfort. The product must not be used as the final finish on horizontal surfaces exposed to intensive use.

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