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Greinplast sp. z o.o. is implementing the project entitled:
"Investment in the development of a research and development center in the field of construction chemistry"

Intelligent development operational programme

2. Priority axis

Support for the environment and the potential for business R&D and innovation

Measure 2.1:

Support for investment in infrastructure of R&D companies

The development of the research and development center (CBR) includes the construction of a laboratory building with an area of approx. 210 m2, and the purchase of laboratory equipment for conducting R&D works. The result of the project will be expanding the offer with new innovative products, such as:

1. Materials with increased construction and insulation parameters and increased resistance to aging processes.

2. Materials and technologies to protect buildings from overheating and/or to limit heat loss.

3. Thermal - modernization materials and technologies.

4. Insulation materials.

5. Roofing and other materials, characterized by high resistance to degradation factors.

Total value of the project: PLN 5 166 000,00 zł

Amount of eligible project costs: PLN 4 200 000,00 zł

Project co - financing amount: PLN 2 100 000,00 zł

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