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Thermal insulation system

Thermal insulation system

Professional thermal insulation, insulation, jointless, bso systems

thermal insulation system

ESP - based system

These systems are characterised by low absorbability and effective moisture-restraining properties.

ESP is a very light material, and easy to process; without being exposed to UV radiation, it retains its physical and technical parameters in full. It is durable, harmless to the environment, does not emit radiation, does not propagate fire, though it is destroyed in temperatures exceeding +80oC.

thermal insulation system

mineral wool system

These systems are characterised by very high vapour permeability, which enables giving up moisture, and thanks to internal energy attenuation, they constitute perfect acoustic insulation of walls.

Mineral wool is practically non-combustible; it begins to melt after several hours of exposure to temperatures exceeding + 1000oC. During the process, no smoke is emitted. Up to that moment, mineral wool acts as effective fire protection.

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