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Interior paints

Interior paints

  • Premium Anti-Reflective DEEP MATT


Premium Anti-Reflective

Latex paint for indoor applications with very low light reflection, high opacity * and excellent performance **. Due to the deeply matt character of the coating and its anti-reflective properties, it is particularly recommended for painting intensely lit surfaces where it minimizes the risk of visible streaks and gives the surfaces a noble, matte character. The product can be used for primary and renovation painting, on concrete substrates, cement and cement-lime plasters, gypsum plasters, G-K plates. The product is available in white, black and according to the Greinplast color palette (1320 colors). Due to the deep matt nature of the coating, the product is not available in intense colors.

* Depends on the substrate and the intensity of the color.
** Depends on the absorbency of the substrate.

Presented in packaging: 10l, 9l, 5l, 4.5l, 3l, 1l.

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