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Interior paints

Interior paints

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Greinplast FWC

Greinplast Premium Ceramic

Greinplast Premium Ceramic - is a stain-proof paint for walls and ceilings featured in the “Practical & Elegant” Collection of Greinplast Premium Coats.
Thanks to the application of the highest quality dispersions and pigments, the paint creates scrub-resistant coatings from which "difficult stains" can be easily removed. Additionally, the paint is resistant to selected disinfectants. The carefully adjusted viscosity and rheological properties provide for easy, splash-free application with an excellent coating quality. The product is available in the SBG Colour System based on the manufacturer's colour palette. The paint can be applied on all standard wall and ceiling surfaces.
Hard dirt possible to be fully removed on smooth surfaces:
- crayons, lipstick, water pens, sunflower oil, ketchup (remove within the time of 1 hour),
- wine, coffee, tea (remove within the time of 15 min.).



Coating with the paint shall follow proper preparation of substrate and thorough drying of the surface. The surface to be coated shall be strong, stable, dry and free of any substances which may reduce adhesion. It is recommended to prime the substrate with Greinplast Premium Primer. Stir the paint thoroughly directly before application. A maximum of 10% of water can be added by volume to improve workability, if required. Apply one or two coats with a re-coating time of 2 to 4 hours. Intensive, highly saturated colours require a primer in a colour suggested by the manufacturer. Coat each wall to form a single, uninterrupted substrate plane  using the paint from a single production batch. The optimum coating temperature is +20°C. The paint coat develops its full strength after 28 days from application. Cover all surfaces you do not want to be painted. Remove all unwanted paint before it dries out. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any effects of using this product with products from other manufacturers. Caution: The application of topcoats with highly saturated colours may require applying additional coats.

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