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  • Flexible preparation GREINPLAST UE


Flexible preparation

Used to dilute flexible Greinplast paints. The addition of the preparation does not reduce resistance parameters of the diluted product; it only reduces its density. It can also be used as flexible ground on bases on which cracks have occurred, at a width not larger than 100 µm. Thanks to the very good penetration ability, it can go really deep into existing cracks, filling them with a flexible binding agent. The ground can be applied outside buildings, on the following bases: thin-layer plasters (mineral, polymer, polymer-mineral), cement, cement-lime, lime plasters, concrete, "€œTerabona" etc.

Packaged in 10, 5 and 1kg containers.


The product is ready to use after stirring. The base should have load-bearing properties, must be compact, dry, and free from any grip-reducing substances, such as: dust, dirt, grease, salt efflorescence, algae, fungi etc. Cracks larger than 1 mm should be filled with flexible slimes. Painting of mineral bases may begin 28 days after their completion. The preparation should be applied with a painting brush or roller, so that as much as possible can be absorbed by cracks. Do not spray. Do not allow local runs, as this may hinder later painting. In order to make any runs better visible, the preparation may be tinted with a small amount of flexible paint Greinplast FE (max. 20%). The drying time depends on external conditions (temperature, exposure to sunlight and air humidity); usually, it is 4 hours. Due to the character of the coating, the placement of flexible paint may take place only after a minimum of 24 hours. Flexible products should be diluted in accordance with guidelines printed on the package.

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