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Disinfecting preparation

Used to preserve and clean masonry surfaces, and to disinfect external building walls, infected by algae and mould fungi. This is a preparatory operation before further works (such as painting, plastering etc.) The preparation does not protect against permanent wall moistness. It can be applied on the following bases: walls made of ceramic and silicate brick, cement, cement-lime plasters etc.

Packaged in 10, 5 and 1kg containers.


Wash infected walls with water before disinfection. Remove any visible lichens (e.g. using a sharp brush). Cleaned and dried bases should be painted with a brush or spray-painted, so that as much preparation as possible could penetrate into the surface.  With damp bases, the preparation’s ability to penetrate may be hindered, which in consequence results in a reduction of disinfection efficiency; therefore, it is necessary to repeat the procedure after the base has dried off. Avoid excessive soaking of walls. The preparation action can be seen after 1-3 days. After this period, remove any remains of compacted lichens and wash the walls with water. In case the walls are heavily contaminated, repeat the procedure. After the disinfection is completed, paint the wall with a paint containing a coating-protection substance. If the walls are not to be painted, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned from any residues remaining after the disinfection.

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Recommendations and remarks

Use the preparation on dry bases. The temperature of the base and its surroundings during the application should not be lower than +5°C. The preparation contains substances hazardous to human health. During the preparation application, use personal protection equipment (protective clothing, safety goggles and masks). Pay particular attention when applying the preparation by means of a spraying device. Protect non-disinfected surfaces against staining. Any stains should be removed before they dry up.

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