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Cement screeds

Cement screeds

  • Fast-setting, 20-100 mm priming cement screed GREINPLAST JPF


Fast-setting, 20-100 mm priming cement screed

It serves for making cement priming layers under ceramic tiles, carpeting and PVC linings, parquet floors, floor panels etc. It can be used as a press-down layer, and for forming inclined sections in bathrooms, basements, on balconies and terraces, as well as for local repairs of concrete and screed floor surfaces, also when bonded to a 20-100 mm thick base, and as a priming layer not bonded to the base, laid on insulation layers made of plastic films, tar board, EPS, wool, etc., of 50-100 mm of thickness, as well as to floor heating, where the layer should be at least 50 mm thick.

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