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  • Primer for critical and non-absorbent substrates  Greinplast FK

Greinplast FK

Primer for critical and non-absorbent substrates

GREINPLAST FK is a ready-for-use mixture of acrylic copolymers, additives improving adhesion to substrates, mineral fillers, marble aggregate, preservatives and modifiers, pigments and water. The cut-off primer creates rough and porous surfaces that significantly improve adhesion
to smooth, non-absorbent and difficult substrates such as smooth and vibrated concrete, OSB boards, paneling, ceramic blocks of a firm and smooth surface structure, ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, glass, aluminum, etc. The primer is characterized by excellent adhesion to the a/m substrates and is resistant to changing temperature and humidity conditions, therefore it can be safely used indoors and outdoors.


The product is ready for use. Due to the content of quartz aggregates, delamination of the product may occur during storage. Immediately before use, mix the product with a slow-speed mixer until uniform consistency is obtained. Apply with a paintbrush, brush, roller or spray gun. The pre-drying time depends on the ambient temperature, air humidity and absorbency of the substrate, usually it takes up to c.a. 4 hours; nevertheless, any subsequent works should be carried out no earlier than at least 24 hours after application of the primer.

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Recommendations and remarks

 PRODUCT READY FOR USE. DO NOT DILUTE WITH WATER.  The ambient temperature during application and drying of the paint should be between +5°C and +30°C. The optimum temperature during application is +20°C. Do not apply the product at substrate temperatures below +5°C. The estimated times related to processing and drying of the product are subject to significant changes in adverse weather conditions. During paint application and drying, the surface should be protected against excessive sunlight, rainfall and wind until complete drying. In the case of indoor application, ventilate the premises painted with the use of the product until the characteristic odor disappears. The product contains additives that may have an aggressive impact on metals, glass and wood. Protect surfaces exposed to dirt and remove dirt before drying. The information contained on the packaging is intended to optimize the use of the product, but it does not constitute the basis for the legal responsibility of the manufacturer, since the conditions of performance are beyond the manufacturer's control. In the event of a combination with products manufactured by other manufacturers or not included in reference documents, we shall accept no responsibility.

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