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Tile adhesives

Tile adhesives

  • Highly flexible gel adhesive for ceramic tiles P605G Type C2TES1  GREINPLAST P605G


Highly flexible gel adhesive for ceramic tiles P605G Type C2TES1

Multifunctional gel adhesive with increased strength parameters and flexibility for bonding of porcelain stoneware, ceramics, and natural stone. The product is classified as thin-set, frost- and water-resistant cement adhesive mortar type C2TES1 with improved strength parameters and flexibility. The adhesive is based on high-quality mineral binders, polymers, and the addition of silica gel, which adapts the consistency of the mortar to the most demanding conditions. In the mixing process, it is possible to obtain any consistency: both semi-liquid, which facilitates tiling work on floors, and standard consistency, which is ideal for use on vertical surfaces. In addition, silica gel can to accumulate water and release it during the setting process, ensuring proper hydration of the cement throughout the entire setting process and significantly increasing the mechanical parameters of the adhesive. The carefully selected fillers and a thickening system allow for very easy handling of the product, making it extremely light and convenient to apply. The product uses both the highest quality cement and polymeric binders, which not only produce a strong bond between the substrate and the tiles, but also enable a durable finish with an above-average lifespan. Thanks to its high flexibility, the adhesive can offset shear stresses from thermal expansion of materials. It is therefore perfect for deformable interior and exterior substrates.

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