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  • Water acrylic impregnant GREINPLAST HA-UV


Water acrylic impregnant

Used for additional protection and preservation of mosaic plaster surfaces against adverse influence of weather conditions. The product is especially recommended in the preservation of older mosaic plaster layers on building plinths, etc.

Packaged in 10, and 5kg containers.


The product is ready to use; do not dilute with water. The substance should be stirred directly before the application until uniform consistency is obtained. Apply with a roller or brush. Use clean tools only. Distribute the impregnant evenly, avoid the formation of runs. For surfaces exposed to aggressive action of weather conditions, the application of a second layer is recommended (after the basic layer has dried off).

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Recommendations and remarks

The product is ready to use; do not dilute with water. The impregnant can be used both inside and outside buildings. The ambient temperature during the application and drying should be between +10°C and +25°C. The optimal application temperature is +20°C. Do not use when the base temperature is lower than +10°C. The specified processing and drying times may be subject to considerable variations under the influence of adverse weather conditions. During impregnant application and drying, the surface should be shielded against rain, wind and excess sunlight until it is completely dry. When used in enclosed spaces, provide adequate ventilation. Air until the characteristic smell is removed. Secure surfaces exposed to contamination; any stains should be removed before drying. Tools should be washed directly after the completion of works.

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