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Interior paints

Interior paints

  • Paint Modern and Elegant Greinplast FWC

Greinplast FWC

Paint Modern and Elegant


The Modern and Elegant collection is a ceramic interior paint. Thanks to the use of the highest quality dispersions and pigments, it creates scratch-resistant coatings from which you can easily remove "difficult dirt" 1. Properly selected viscosity and rheology makes the paint easy to apply, does not splash and protects very well. The product is available in ready-made colors according to the Manufacturer's color palette. The product can be used on all typical wall and ceiling surfaces. 1 "difficult dirt" possible to remove completely on smooth surfaces - pencils, lipstick, water markers, sunflower oil, ketchup (remove up to 1 hour) - wine, coffee, tea (remove up to 15 minutes) Packaged in packaging: 2.5 l; 1 l

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