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Facade paints

Facade paints

  • Nano-silicone facade paint  Greinplast FNX

Greinplast FNX

Nano-silicone facade paint

Nano-silicone facade paint with water beading effect. The product is available in the colors according to the range of GREINPLAST facade products. A different colour scheme is available upon customer's specification. The product serves for performing protective, preserving and decorative exterior paint coatings. It is used to create coatings of high water vapour transfer coefficient (V1) and low water permeability (W3), matt (G3 gloss), fine-grained (S1) or medium fine (E3). The paint can be used on surfaces such as: thin-layer plasters (mineral, silicone, silicate, polymer-mineral), terrabona, concrete, cement and cement-calcareous plasters, etc. Mineral surfaces are to be painted after 14 days from their construction (dark colours, after at least 28 days). It is an optional component of GREINPLAST EPS, W, WX, WS thermal insulation systems.

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