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Gypsum mortar

Gypsum mortar

  • Manual gypsum plaster GREINPLAST TRG


Manual gypsum plaster

Used in manual preparation of high-quality, single-layer plasters inside buildings. It is a perfect solution when walls and ceilings need to be covered in public utility facilities, residential and other well-ventilated rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms where relative humidity is lower than 65%. The product is classified as gypsum plaster to be laid manually; light, B4/20/2 type, with compression strength of >2.0 N/mm2 category. It can be applied on mineral bases, such as: cement and cement-lime plasters, walls made of bricks and ceramic hollow-bricks, walls made of cellular concrete, concrete surfaces etc.

Packaged in 30kg containers.


Preparation of mortar: Empty the package into ca. 12-13 l of clean water and stir until a smooth mass without lumps is obtained. Clean tools and containers must be used in plaster preparation. Each time, only such amount of material should be prepared that will ensure its consumption in 20 minutes. Remainders of set plaster reduce the plaster setting time, therefore unused, hardening material cannot be diluted in water again.
Execution: Mortar should be applied in single layers. After the plaster is applied, level the surface, and after initial setting, moisten it with water and float-finish with a sponge trowel. Then, smoothen the entire surface using a metal trowel. If it is necessary to apply the second plaster layer, then the first, unset one should be scratched with a “herringbone” pattern, and after hardening, the whole area should be primed with Greinplast FG and left to dry. During the works, do not allow local plaster drying, resulting from e.g. draughts, heating etc. Intervals in application should not be longer than 15 minutes. The processing time for the applied mass is ca. 90 minutes, depending on thermal and humidity conditions in the surroundings and base. Unused material should not be mixed with the newly prepared material.

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Recommendations and remarks

The temperature of the base and its surroundings during the application and drying should not be lower than +5°C and higher than +25°C. The optimal application temperature is +20°C. Secure surfaces exposed to contamination; any stains should be removed before drying. The specified processing times may be subject to considerable variations under the influence of adverse thermal and moisture conditions.
Information contained in the manual help ensure the optimal use of the product, however, it does not create any legal liability of the Manufacturer, due to the fact that the conditions of use remain outside of its control. We do not accept any responsibility if the material is combined with products from other Manufacturers.

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