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Ground for absorbable bases

Used to equalise the absorbability of mineral bases inside and outside buildings, before plastering, flooring and glazing works are commenced. On grounded surfaces, it creates a polymer film, which prevents excessive absorption of water. It can be used under gypsum, cement, cement-lime, and lime plasters, floors etc.

Packaged in 10, and 5kg containers.


Before application, stir the priming paint, and, if necessary, dilute with water in accordance with guidelines printed on the package. Use a painting brush or masonry block brush to apply.

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Recommendations and remarks

Use the preparation on dry bases only. Do not use on surfaces that are hot or exposed to strong sunlight. The base temperature during the primer application and drying should be between +5°C and +30°C. The optimal application temperature is +20°C. The drying time depends on temperature and base absorbability and is usually, between 1 and 3 hours. Enclosed spaces should be aired until the characteristic smell is removed. Surfaces exposed to contamination should be secured and any stains be removed before drying.
Information contained in the manual help ensure the optimal use of the product, however, it does not create any legal liability of the Manufacturer, due to the fact that the conditions of use remain outside of its control. We do not accept any responsibility if the material is combined with products from other Manufacturers.

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