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  • Flexible acrylic sealant GREINPLAST EAE


Flexible acrylic sealant

Used to fill cracks, crevices and gaps in walls and ceilings. It can also be used to seal window and door frames, ledges, strips and coffers; in other words, in all places where good joint flexibility is required. After drying, the mass is resistant to periodical moisture, and temperature fluctuations between -20oC and +70oC. Can be used both inside and outside buildings.

Packaged in 290 ml containers.


Apply with a manual or pneumatic gun. Before use, cut off the tube tip above the thread, put the dispenser in place and cut it to size, to match the joint thickness. Place the cartridge in the dispenser and apply the sealant. The recommended ratio between the joint width and depth is 1:1. In deep gaps, use a closed-cell backer rod. If in doubt, contact the technical department. Avoid soiling of joint edges. In order provide safety and obtain a straight joint line, cover the surrounding area with a masking tape, which must be removed immediately after the joint has been processed. Joints should be smoothened with a putty knife or a similar tool, before skin is formed. Wash soiled spots with water.

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Recommendations and remarks

The temperature of the base and its surroundings during the application and drying should be between +5°C and +30°C. The specified processing times may vary under the influence of adverse thermal and moisture conditions. Areas exposed to soiling should be secured.
Information contained on the package help ensure the optimal use of the product, however, it does not create any legal liability of the Manufacturer, due to the fact that the conditions of use remain outside of its control. In order to avoid mistakes, check the suitability of the substance for the intended application, or ask the manufacturer for technical advice. Any attempts to change the composition of the product are not allowed, as they may considerably reduce its quality. We do not accept any responsibility if the material is combined with products from other Manufacturers.

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