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Waterproofing accessories

Waterproofing accessories

  • Insulation tape (TUW 3PS type) Greinplast ITE

Greinplast ITE

Insulation tape (TUW 3PS type)

A flexible and water-resistant elastomeric tape on unwoven polyester fabric. ITE Tape and the following products: external corner – ITE-Z, internal corner – ITE-W, are designed to increase the tightness of areas particularly exposed to moisture (corners, wall-floor joints, points where system elements pass through, etc.) and to ensure tightness in the places of stresses caused by shrinkage and thermal cracks, except structural expansion joints when applying waterproofing coatings inside buildings. The product is characterised by very high flexibility and increased adhesion to compounds in comparison to standard sealing products. All products are intended for use only for sealing under ceramic tiles.

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