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  • Liquid waterproofing GREINPLAST IC


Liquid waterproofing

Mixture of dispersion of styrene-butadiene copolymers, mineral fillers, preservatives, modifiers, pigments and water. To perform waterproofing protection inside buildings on walls and floors lined with various types of ceramic cladding, natural stone or other types of stone, cladding glued with adhesives to tiles, self-smoothing screeds, plaster mortars, etc. The product GREINPLAST IC applied to the substrate allows for obtaining damp proof (waterproof) coatings in the premises with increased humidity and in wet premises (bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, shower cabins, etc.). The product should be used on mineral substrates such as: concrete, cellular concrete, cement screed, plaster boards, brick wall, cement and cement-lime plasters, etc. It is also used to perform waterproof coatings in underfloor heating systems.


The product is ready for use. Immediately before application, mix the product until uniform consistency is obtained. Apply the first layer with a trowel, rubbing thoroughly into the substrate. Apply subsequent layers cross-wise (using a trowel, roller or brush) in such a way that the entire surface to be protected is covered with a layer which is at least 1mm thick. Apply at least two layers of waterproofing. Sealings applied to connections of walls, walls and floors, expansion joints, pipe penetrations and potential floor drains – should be made with the use of appropriate sealing tapes and sealing corners as well as Greinplast ITU/ITE wall and floor sealing flanges. For this purpose, apply the appropriate amount of waterproofing, embed the sealing tape in the waterproofing and cover the tape with the second layer of waterproofing. Ceramic cladding can be lied only after 18-24 hours after sealing with the use of C2 type tile adhesive (Greinplast P60LD, P80LD, or P90LD adhesives are recommended).

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Recommendations and remarks

Product ready for use, do not dilute with water. The product is designed for use indoors.  The ambient temperature during application and drying of the waterproofing should be between +5°C and +25°C. The optimum temperature during application is +20°C. Do not apply the product at substrate temperatures below +5°C. The estimated times related to processing and drying of the product are subject to significant changes in adverse weather conditions. Protect surfaces exposed to dirt and remove dirt before drying. In the case of indoor application, ventilate the premises painted with the use of the product until the characteristic odor disappears. Clean the tools with clear water immediately after use. The information contained on the packaging is intended to optimize the use of the product, but it does not constitute the basis for the legal responsibility of the manufacturer, since the conditions of performance are beyond the manufacturer's control.


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