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Fillers finishing coat plasters

Fillers finishing coat plasters

  • Light finishing putty Greinplast SL

Greinplast SL

Light finishing putty

Ready-to-use putty for finish coating and moderately rough coating of interior walls and ceilings. The compound is based on high-quality acrylic dispersions modified with a modern system of thickeners that create an extremely lightweight composition which easily spreads under the trowel to produce smooth and level surfaces. The consistency of the finished product adapts perfectly to the method of application. When applied with a roller, it flows appropriately, which makes it easy to apply, whereas when applied on the wall, the product thickens and minimizes the risk of run-off even if applied in thick layers. Select functional fillers with microspheres are also used in the mix to reduce the volumetric density. This allows rendering thicker layers without any risk of shrinkage or cracking, thanks to which the thickness of the final coat can significantly exceed the coat thickness possible with regular putties. This makes the GREINPLAST SL light finishing putty an intermediate product between standard ready-mixed finishing putties and thick layer gypsum putties. The putty has an optimized hardness, which greatly facilitates its mechanical processing and high adhesion to most building substrates.


Mix with a slow stirrer immediately before application. In order to obtain the appropriate working consistency, a small amount of water can be added (at up to 1% per product container). Apply evenly by pressing into the substrate with a stainless steel float. A roller can be used to apply the product on the wall. Recoating is possible once the last coat has completely dried out. This can be repeated until the intended result is obtained. The curing time depends on the temperature and humidity of the air and generally does not exceed 12 hours/ 1 mm thick layer. Sand and dust off the coat only when completely dry.

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Recommendations and remarks

The ambient and substrate temperature during the application and curing of the putty should be between +5°C and +30°C. The optimum temperature during application is +20°C. Spray application is possible. Wash the tools with water immediately after work. Remove any dirt from the product before it dries. The instructions provide specifications for the optimum application of the product; no liability of the product manufacturer shall be assumed from the packaging labels, as the processing and application conditions are beyond its reasonable control. Process in compliance with good construction practices. Never tamper with the product's ingredients. Otherwise, the quality of the product can be considerably reduced. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any effects of using this product with products from other manufacturers.

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