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  • Liquid insulation film for interiors GREINPLAST IC


Liquid insulation film for interiors

Used in the preparation of sealing coats before the placement of ceramic tiles. The product is especially recommended in hydro-insulation of plasters, screeds, and drywalls in rooms exposed to periodic moisture, such as: bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens etc, inside buildings.

Packaged in 7 & 4 kg containers.


The product is ready to use; do not dilute with water. The material should be stirred directly before the application until uniform consistency is obtained. The first layer should be applied with a painting brush or roller. Drying time of the first layer is ca. 3 hours. Every subsequent layer needs ca. 4-5 hours. Subsequent layers should be applied crosswise against the preceding one (roller, painting brush, trowel). The recommended insulation thickness should be min. 1.0 mm, which, depending on application, corresponds to a minimum of 2-3 layers. Sealing of joints between walls, walls and floors, expansion joints, tube penetrations or any possible floor inlets should be carried out with suitable tapes and sealing corner sections, as well as with wall and floor sealing flanges. To this end, apply the first thick film layer, sink the tape into it, and cover the entire surface with the second film layer. Begin gluing and placing ceramic claddings after a period of 18-24 hours (recommended glue: GREINPLAST PE).

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Recommendations and remarks

The product is ready to use; do not dilute with water, to be used indoors. The ambient temperature during the application and drying of water insulation should be between +5°C and +25°C. The optimal application temperature is +20°C. Do not use when the base temperature is lower than +5°C. The specified processing and drying times can vary considerably in adverse weather conditions. Surfaces exposed to contamination should be secured; any stains should be removed before drying. When used in enclosed spaces, air them until the characteristic smell is removed. Wash tools in clean water, directly after the completion of works.

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